cap avjthemescom nattywp - Cap Wordpress Theme

Cap WordPress Theme (Nattywp). Cap is an unique CMS theme for wordpress, developed by NattyWP. Cap allows you to present a list of services or benefits of your company using special pages scroller section on the home page. Additionally Cap comes with 7 widgets from NattyWP, and additional color module.Continue Reading

newsone avjthemescom nattywp - NewsOne Wordpress Theme

NewsOne WordPress Theme (Nattywp). Newsone is an unique news template for wordpress, developed by NattyWP. NewsOne Theme is a highly flexible news theme. It comes with the tag based functionality Featured articles and Photo carousel modules are completely adaptable to your content with personalize color scheme. Template will be perfectContinue Reading

groovy avjthemescom nattwp - Groovy Wordpress Theme

Groovy WordPress Theme (Nattywp). Groovy is a very flexible personal wordpress theme, developed by NattyWP. Groovy has a vivid and impressive design but also simple and powerful admin panel. You can design your own color scheme, switch on/switch off different modules on the homepage, add additional NattyWP widgets and manageContinue Reading