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revolution church1 - Revolution Church(Free Wordpress Theme)

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This Theme is updated, Check Updated Version
Name : Revolution Church

Author : Brian Gardner

Column : 2-Column

License : Free

Key Feature : Adsense Ready ( just add the code ) , Plugin Ready ( You can add if you need )

Support : Limited ( You can get Exclusive support with Paid Package )

Support Link : Check here

As I am using it on one of my website , you can ask for support here as well. I will try to provide you support as much i can. 😀 without any paid package :p

This Theme is updated, Check Updated Version


  1. its a great theme, but I cant seem to modify the featured Category or tinker with the gallery.

  2. Author


    It would be easy for me to give you reply if you had post your website link. Any Follow this, if have problem , get in touch. You have to specify category name for featured post

    Do as below –>

    1. Activate Featured Content Gallery plugin
    2. go to – Settings –> Featured Content Gallery ( from dashboard )
    3. Put your picture size ( while posting your pictures size should be same or less )
    4. put category name ( same as actual – case sensitive )
    5. for post which you want to show as featured –

    use “articleimg” in custom field and paste image link.

    Featured Content require atleast 2 post as featured to show properly.

    Hope this will solve your problem


  3. halo avj,

    could u give me the manual installation guide… how to make my website work with this template…

    I have installed and activate the featured content gallery plugin but it still won’t work…

    What should i do to make the feedburner email subscription & follow twitter? where should i put the code…

    please let this n00b information…

    thx avj…

  4. Author

    Hi Denial,

    If you have read the above comment of mine you could have get rid of featured post problem. I just wanna ask which version of featured content gallery you using, if you are using less than 3 than of if you using 3 or above you will need to add ‘/wp-content/plugins/featured-content-gallery/gallery.php’ instead of ‘/wp-content/plugins/content-gallery/gallery.php’ in your home.php file by manually editing with editor.

    now coming to feedburner and twitter.

    for this you will need to edit your sidebar.php file with editor.

    change code below “eNews & Updates” portion

    if you have problem inform me. I will send you file for sidebar.php and home.php

    Vivek Shah

  5. You say the revolution church theme is free, but then when I click to download it pushes me to a website for payment, WTF? Am I doing something wrong?

  6. Author

    @ Stephanie

    Themes were available to download but Brian has now made it paid one. Those having a theme can use this theme like I am using on my various domains.

  7. How do you add adsense to the Revolution Church theme..I entered my adsense code and nothing happens..

  8. Author

    @ David,

    Please add your adsense code in Revolution Church Options page. Also make sure you are not adding adsense code in wrong box, check for description below box and then add adsense code accordingly.

  9. Hi Vivek,

    I just built a WP blog using this theme . The homepage is OK but when you click any of the articles, the theme seems weird – the sidebar position is below the article ! I tried to investigate what caused it for 2 hours but I still can’t figure it out – I wonder if you can help me ? Thanks

  10. Author

    @ Junior,

    I have checked your site and from my experience , I feel that related post plugin is causing the problem, though I am not able to check which other plugins you are using, I request you to disable all the plugins and check weather you site is working properply. I think your site will work once you disable all the plugins and the enable once by one t find the culprit one. Also you are using 728×90 adsense link, change it to 468×60. please contact me if problem continue.

  11. Hi Vivek,

    Thanks for your tips. I have deactivated all the plugins and leave them for 30 mins. but the problem remains unchanged so I have reactivated them. Because I am using auto content from Articles Base, 728×90 adsense block will always show as it comes along inside the content. I am still confused with my theme here ๐Ÿ™

  12. Author

    Hi Junior,

    If plugins not causing the problem, then culprit may be adsense link, as you said you don’t have control over 728×90 link the , I suggest you to change content and postarea width which is currently as below,

    Content : 940px ( this you will need to increase to 1100px )
    postarea : 590px (this needs to more that 728px , may be 750px )

    Though I am not sure but I can say that its not impossible and you can always try.

    While you try , please check follow,

    change all the width of content with same amount you increase i.e 940+(wht ever u add)

    else you can send your theme to me , so tht i can try.

  13. Hi Vivek,

    Thanks for your tips. Honestly, I have 3 more blogs built using the same theme and using the same auto content with 728รƒโ€”90 adsense code attach to it BUT without any problem at all.

    How may I send you the theme, do you have a private email ? I’d like to inform you about my other 3 blogs but in a secure way ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for your help so far, Vivek !

  14. Hi, well i used this template at Blogger, Im now with WordPress and I want to use this template again. I got the template but I want the posts to appear like they appear here in this blog and not like a magazin.

    Thanks if you can help…

  15. Author

    @ Seobarey

    Ok, You will need to edit the home.php file for this. Here I put a link to text file which same as home.php so download and rename it to home.php, but keep in mind that you are using v4.0 while this is tested on v2.0 ( some class name may be different, change accordingly by looking in stylesheet – most likely you won’t require to edit)

  16. Wow thanks, well another thing I need halp is with the search box, I want to use the Google service like I did in Blogger (by the way, my Blooger blog was and im now on with WordPress).

    I also want to know if I can eliminate the category bar, I errased it but when I write something, the categories appear there..

    And finally I would also want to know if I can put what I want on the pages bar, I would like to put the lables I want there, not all of them, like I did in Blogger.

    Thats all for now XD… Thanks again for the home code and if you know the things im asking now you are god XD..

  17. Well I did it myself so Im not going to need your help for now XD…

  18. Well, after I solved all I asked I have a new problem… When I eliminated the feed box where you could suscribe, some fonts chancged. I put onli Arial in the CSS so I dont know where the problem is…


  19. Hi Vivek! I would like to know how can I link a page to a post. Like you did with your page (Joomla Templates) next to contact us. I would appreciate your help.

    Thank you in advance.

  20. Author

    @ Wilfredo

    in theme editor, open header.php file and in that search the following code

    < ?php wp_list_pages('title_li=&depth=4&sort_column=menu_order'); ?>

    now add following line below above cover,

    < li>< a href="" rel="nofollow" >Joomla Templates< /a>< /li>

    Remove spaces before and after php code “< " and ">” if any.

    change link and name as per your need.

    Then save and done…………

  21. Hey Vivek! Thank you so much for your help and your fast response.

  22. Hi again, I have a new problem, I dont have links for previows or next page… How do I add them, or how do I put the numbers of pages to clic as you have on this blog?


  23. Author

    Hi sebarey,

    Sorry but I don’t get your question, which page links you are talking abount ? If you can point out I can help, and about next post links, I had tried long back but with no success, but I will try this and post if there is any success as i found some free time.

  24. At the end of your homepage you have numbers… 1 2 3 4 5…. 32 >

    As I cant put “next page” I wold like to put something like that…

  25. Thanks for all…

  26. Hi Vivek

    Our webmaster has abandoned us, and we need help. I want to change the order of the Categories in the gray bar, Do you know how to do it? Also I want to change the color of the garnet bar (the one where there are the Pages). Many thanks in advance, I’m looking for your response.

  27. Author

    @ Alba,

    I can’t help you on webmaster issue, but here is solution for other qustions,

    1. you want to change the order of categories,

    then open header.php

    search “subnav”

    Replace < ?php wp_list_categories.......> code with following

    here 1,2,3 are category numbers which you can get from post->categories

    2. you want to change the color of navbar.

    in style.css search “#navbar {” then change as your wish

    background: #555555 url(images/navbar.png);

    here #555555 is the color of navbar.

    I hope this will solve the problem, if not feel free to ask again.

  28. Wow, so long since my last question XD…

    I need some help, if Im not wrong, there is a space to put ads before the coments, but I dont find where is that space to paste de ads code…

    Thats all for now I hope you can help me…

  29. Author



    Sorry for late reply, was upgrading to win7 which disabled my internet access due to drivers conflicts.

    Here is answer,

    You want to put ads above comments,

    search ” p id=”respond” ” in comments.php, you will see gravatar link, put your code below it or above it as your wish.

    I hope this will sort out, if not feel free to ask back ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. That kind of answer my question, because I can put my ads there, but this theme has an specific place to put them before the coments… Look..

    I cant find it…. I wnat to put them there or at least eliminate that space…


  31. Author

    Alright, You want to display ads between post and comments,

    put the code in ” 468×60 AdSense Code ” of theme option page ( It is mention that ad between single post and comment.

    If it is not there in options , then open index.php, search “< div class="adblock" >” and put ad code b4 closing of div tag i.e < /div >

  32. Hi!

    I am using the same Revolution Church theme for my blog, and I have had some trouble removing the ads that appear between posts. I do not have adsense yet, and I would like to remove them. What part of the code do I need to edit/remove?

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Author

    Hi Cristina,

    You can remove following lines from blogger template.

    < div class='gapad' >
    < /div >

    but before editing template make sure you keep back up so if anything goes wrong , you can restore. If problem continues then revert back if possible send ur template as well, so that i can know actual problem by testing it in my account.


  34. Hi its me again :D…

    I am having one problem with the archive menu, I dont know if its problem of the template or another… The thing is that on the right menu the archive its like this.. (Sorry its in Spanish but its the same)..

    * Abril 2010
    * Marzo 2010
    * Febrero 2010
    * Enero 2010
    * Diciembre 2009
    * Noviembre 2009
    * 0

    As you can see theres a 0 at the end, and the link of that 0 is always the last month, in this case April. Buen when the month changes the links changes but its allways a 0..

    Hope you can help.

    See you….

  35. Author


    I would suggest to remove that widget and re-install it.

    If its already done then its weird and I also have to check it. Do you have install any new plugin ?

  36. I have no plugins related to the archive.. I also already deleted de widget and put it again but its still the same…

  37. Author

    I am not saying about archive plugin, in general have you installed any new plugin ?

    Also have you tried to check it with all the plugins disabled ?

    Disable all the plugins and then check if problem is there or not.

  38. Hi, I have just downloaded this template for my blog but cannot remove the ads beneath my post. My adsense account is not yet connected so they’re not my ads. Your reply to Christina says

    You can remove following lines from blogger template.


    But I don’t have those in my text.
    Could you help please?

  39. Author

    Hi Caroline,

    You can remove adsense till you connect to you adsense account,

    go to edit html from design in your blog design(control panel)

    search for < div class ='gapad' >

    remove code till closing tag i.e < /div >

    remove space from above code but keep space between (div class)

    Anymore problem, I am here ๐Ÿ˜€


  40. Hey Vivek,
    Thanks for a quick reply… but I don’t have the text you write… I don’t understand!
    Is there another way?
    Thanks again

  41. Author

    No You have to remove that code in terms to remove ads

  42. But I don’t have that code… how is that possible? I have triple checked… it’s not there… ufff.

  43. Author

    Send blogger template to me at email admin(at)avjthemes(dot)com, i will remove, code must be there, have you search ‘gapad’ ? i can see that in page source of your site.

  44. Author

    Hi, This is not whole template, it seems you left “expand widget template” box unchecked, checked that box then check for gapad, it will be there. If it not there, then download full template(option in edit html) not just copy.

  45. Author

    UR Welcome, Caroline…..

  46. i want to remove banner 468*60 ads from my to remove it i want to put image in header.which is already putted in header but due to 468*60 ads it is not occupying whole header area.Give me quick response.

  47. Author

    @ GAURAV

    wow dedicated blog for Sachin Hundredkar

    Remove following code from your template..

    < div class='headerright' >
    < /div >

    p.s: remove spaces before and after div.

    get back if problem continues.

  48. Woow so long since my last comment here..
    Im hoving some problems when insterting images to the post, when I lign in the center of the posts it appears on the center of the hole site, not on the center of the post…

    Ane way to solve thsi problem?? Thanks…

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