Orbit Joomla Template. Orbit is a Premium Joomla Template from Joomshaper Templates. It is an ultimate Joomla eCommerce template crafted to perfection for tech gadgets and electronics stores. Whether showcasing the latest gadgets or offering a diverse range of tech products, Orbit is designed to provide a seamless online shopping experience with a touch of modern aesthetics.

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Orbit Template Key Features:

  1. Powered by EasyStore:
    • EasyStore, a powerful Joomla eCommerce extension, strengthens orbit. Establish and manage your online store effortlessly with features like product creation, inventory management, and flexible payment and shipping options.
  2. Sleek and Clean Design:
    • The template boasts a stylish, modern, and trendy design that aligns with the tech-savvy audience. The clean layout ensures a visually appealing and clutter-free experience.
  3. 3 Home Page Variations:
    • Capture attention with three distinctive home page variations catering to different preferences:
      • Minimalist Hero Variation
      • Grid Style Variation
      • Hero Slider Variation
  4. Product Listing & Details Page:
    • Navigate seamlessly through product listings and explore detailed product pages with in-depth descriptions, specifications, pricing, reviews, and high-resolution images.
  5. Product Collections Page:
    • Efficiently categorizes products into collections, providing users with a curated browsing experience based on specific criteria or categories.
  6. Refurbished Product Page:
    • Showcase pre-owned or refurbished products with a dedicated page, including grid-style displays and highlighted refurbishment processes.
  7. Blog List & Details Page:
    • Share tech tales, industry news, and product reviews through dynamic blog pages, featuring a grid layout and engaging blog details pages for in-depth reading.
  8. Built-in Pages for Quicker Launch:
    • Terms of Services, FAQ, and Contact pages are included for a professional and comprehensive site launch.
  9. SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate:
    • Powered by the latest SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate, Orbit offers a drag-and-drop live site-building mechanism for easy content creation and editing.
  10. Regular Updates & Dedicated Support:
    • Ensure a smooth experience with regular updates, bug fixes, and dedicated support from our expert team. Detailed documentation is provided for a quick and guided start.


License TypeSupport TimeSite LicensePrice
Personal12 Month3$99
Business12 Month10$199
Developer12 MonthUnlimited$399

Elevate your tech store’s online presence with Orbit, where style meets functionality. From sleek product displays to efficient navigation, Orbit is your gateway to a tech-savvy and visually stunning eCommerce platform.

button demo - Orbit Joomla Template button buynow - Orbit Joomla Template button developer - Orbit Joomla Template


  1. Is Orbit compatible with the latest Joomla version?
    • Yes, Orbit is compatible with Joomla 5, 4, and 3.
  2. Can I customize the design of the template?
    • Absolutely! Orbit comes with 150+ admin Redux theme settings panels for easy customization.
  3. Is technical support available for Orbit?
    • Yes, they provide dedicated support to ensure a hassle-free experience.
  4. Does Orbit support multiple languages?
    • Yes, the template is fully compatible with multilingual support using WPML.
  5. How often are updates released for Orbit?

    • They regularly update Orbit to ensure compatibility and offer new features.

button demo - Orbit Joomla Template button buynow - Orbit Joomla Template button developer - Orbit Joomla Template

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