Lead Form Builder Pro WordPress Plugin. Lead Form Builder Pro is a Premium WordPress Plugin from ThemeHunk. Empower your WordPress website with Lead Form Builder Pro, a dynamic lead generation plugin that offers unparalleled flexibility and advanced styling for limitless contact forms.

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Lead Form Builder Pro Advanced Features for Optimal Performance:

1. Google One Tap Login for Leads: Lead Form Builder Pro stands out as the only contact form plugin featuring Google’s One Tap Login. This innovative feature allows users to sign in to your website effortlessly, providing you with essential contact details such as name, email, page location, user geo-location, and more directly on your WordPress dashboard. Leverage this data to build targeted email lists for marketing purposes.

2. Leads Tracking: Efficiently track your leads with detailed information including lead name, email, profile image, IP address, URL, location, and submission date. This feature enhances lead tracking, making data collection more comprehensive and aiding in understanding lead behavior.

3. Live Customizer: Lead Form Builder Pro introduces a live customizer, enabling real-time modifications to your form’s appearance. From header images to background images, colors, font formatting, spacing, and custom CSS, you can fine-tune your form with immediate visual feedback.

4. SMTP Mail Configure: Overcome email restrictions on shared hosting servers by configuring SMTP settings. This feature allows the plugin to route emails through external SMTP servers such as Gmail, Mailgun, Mandrill, and SendGrid, ensuring reliable email communication.

5. Google reCaptcha: Combat spam entries effectively with Google reCaptcha compatibility. Easily integrate Google reCaptcha v3 or v2 to stop spam entries and enhance the security of your forms.

6. Auto Responder Feature: Automate your email responses with the auto-responder feature. Customize lead receiving and sending details for admins and users, ensuring smooth communication.

7. Form Import/Export: Facilitate easy form replication across multiple sites with the form import/export feature. Export your desired form and import it wherever needed, streamlining your form deployment process.

8. MailChimp Addon: Integrate seamlessly with MailChimp, a robust email marketing software. Add your MailChimp API key to unlock advanced email marketing features and enjoy the benefits of efficient email campaign management.

9. Drag and Drop Field Ordering: Enhance form customization with the drag-and-drop field ordering feature. Easily rearrange fields according to your preferences, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.

10. Lead Form Elementor Addon: Extend the functionality of Lead Form Builder with the Lead Form Styler Elementor Addon. This integration allows you to add and style forms easily, aligning them with your website’s overall graphics.

Standard Plugin Features:

  • 1-minute setup: Quick and easy setup process, with your form ready to use within minutes.
  • Live Customizer: Customize your form in real-time, seeing changes instantly.
  • Translation Ready: Fully translatable files for easy language adaptation.
  • Lead Generation: Efficient lead generation with data stored in the database and sent to your email.
  • Unlimited Site License: Professional Package offers an unlimited site license for extensive usability.
  • Pre-Built Form Layouts: Access 6+ demos for creating unlimited forms with diverse layouts.

Transform your WordPress website’s contact forms with Lead Form Builder Pro, unlocking advanced features, and providing a seamless experience for users and administrators. Elevate your lead generation and communication strategies with this powerful and versatile plugin.


  • Lead Form Pro Annual Plan – $49
  • Lead Form Pro Lifetime Plan – $129

button demo - Lead Form Builder Pro WordPress Plugin button buynow - Lead Form Builder Pro WordPress Plugin button developer - Lead Form Builder Pro WordPress Plugin

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