Elsevier Joomla Template. Elsevier is a Premium Joomla Template from Template Monster Themes. It is a cutting-edge Joomla template meticulously designed for news portals, magazines, and online publications. Powered by the robust T4 Framework and Bootstrap 5, it ensures a visually striking design and responsiveness across various devices. With contemporary aesthetics and integration of Font Awesome 6 icons, Elsevier brings a professional and sleek appearance to your news website. Whether you’re running Joomla 4 or 5, Elsevier provides a feature-rich experience with customizable layouts, dynamic modules, and an intuitive navigation system. Elevate your online news presence with Elsevier, where style seamlessly meets functionality.

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Elsevier Template Key Features:

  1. Fully Responsive Design:
    • Ensure an optimal user experience across devices, from desktops to mobiles.
  2. Joomla 5x and 4.x Version:
    • Compatible with both Joomla 4 and 5, offering flexibility and future-proof functionality.
  3. Bootstrap 5 – T4 Framework:
    • It is built on the powerful T4 Framework with Bootstrap 5 for a stable and modern foundation.
  4. MegaMenu Styles:
    • Choose from 5 MegaMenu styles to enhance navigation and user engagement.
  5. 20 Preset Color Styles (Create your color scheme easily with T4 flexibility):
    • Enjoy 20 preset styles or create your color scheme for a personalized look.
  6. 13 Homepage layouts:
    • Select from various layouts to present your news content engagingly.
  7. 3 Background Type Options:
    • Choose a Fixed Image, Patterned Background, or Solid Color for a personalized background.
  8. Light and Dark Versions (4 Dark Styles):
    • Tailor the theme’s appearance with both light and dark versions, including 4 distinct dark styles.
  9. Unlimited Google Fonts:
    • Access a wide range of Google Fonts to customize the typography for a unique style.
  10. Sticky Menu:
    • Enable a sticky menu for improved navigation and user experience.
  11. Off-Canvas Sidebar:
    • Incorporate an off-canvas sidebar to optimize space and provide additional navigation options.
  12. 1320px Grid System:
    • Maintain a structured layout with the 1320px grid system.
  13. Full Demo Included Quickstart Package:
    • Simplify the setup process with a quickstart package that includes a full demo.
  14. Clean and Modern Style:
    • Embrace a clean and modern design for a professional online news presence.
  15. Different Portfolio Pages:
    • Showcase content effectively with various portfolio page options.
  16. About Us Page – Team:
    • Feature team members and provide insights about your organization.
  17. Contact Page with Google Maps:
    • Enable easy communication through a contact page integrated with Google Maps.
  18. Video Extension and Video Page:
    • Seamlessly incorporate videos into your content with the included video extension and dedicated video page.
  19. Blog Pages:
    • Utilize different blog page layouts for a visually appealing and reader-friendly format.
  20. JT Content Slider:
    • Benefit from the JT Content Slider extension for dynamic and engaging content presentation.
  21. Subscribe to the Mailing List:
    • Include a mailing list subscription feature to keep your audience engaged.
  22. Up to 3 Columns layout:
    • Optimize content organization with up to 3 columns layout options.
  23. Image or Text logo (Adjustable on Admin Panel):
    • Personalize your site with the option to use an image or text logo, adjustable through the Admin Panel.
  24. Full Width and Boxed Layout:
    • Choose between full-width and boxed layouts to suit your design preferences.
  25. Top Reading Position Indicator with mouse wheeling:
    • Enhance user experience with a top reading position indicator activated by mouse wheeling.
  26. Back to Top Button:
    • Improve navigation with a convenient “Back to Top” button for easy scrolling.
  27. Change Body Background Pattern for boxed layout:
    • Customize the boxed layout further by changing the body background pattern.
  28. Font Awesome 6:
    • Access the latest Font Awesome 6 icons to enhance the visual appeal of your website.

Extensions Included:

  • JT Content Slider
  • Yendif Video Share Video Extension
  • JT Tabs
  • JT Login
  • JT Search
  • JT Carousel Yendif
  • Headline JT5
  • Highlighter GK5
  • JT Testimonial
  • JT Image Gallery
  • JT Columnar
  • JT Infinite Content
  • Mansethaber JT2
  • SP Simple Portfolio Photostreaming

Price: $73

button demo - Elsevier Joomla Template button buynow - Elsevier Joomla Template button developer - Elsevier Joomla Template


1. Is Elsevier compatible with Joomla 5?

  • Yes, Elsevier is compatible with both Joomla 4 and Joomla 5 versions.

2. Can I customize the color scheme of Elsevier?

  • Absolutely! Elsevier offers 20 preset color styles, and you can easily create your color scheme using the T4 framework’s flexibility.

3. How many MegaMenu styles are available?

  • Elsevier provides a choice of 5 MegaMenu styles to enhance navigation and user engagement.

4. Is Elsevier optimized for mobile devices?

  • Yes, Elsevier ensures a fully responsive design, providing an optimal user experience on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

5. Does Elsevier include a quickstart package?

  • Yes, Elsevier comes with a full demo including a quickstart package, simplifying the setup process.

6. Can I use my logo on Elsevier?

  • Certainly! Elsevier allows you to use either an image or text logo, and you can adjust this through the Admin Panel.

7. How do I enable a sticky menu on Elsevier?

  • You can easily enable a sticky menu through the theme’s settings for improved navigation.

8. Does Elsevier support off-canvas sidebars?

  • Yes, Elsevier supports off-canvas sidebars, optimizing space and providing additional navigation options.

button demo - Elsevier Joomla Template button buynow - Elsevier Joomla Template button developer - Elsevier Joomla Template

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