Christmas Holidays Are Coming: Get a Bunch of Design Resources to Decorate Your Website. Everyone admires Christmas. It is hard to imagine a person that does not like it. How nice it feels to decorate a Christmas tree, hang lights up in the house, and spend time with the family.

Get Ready for a Digital Christmas

Actually, there are lots of tips that can help you in giving your online-project a Christmas look. We decided to speak a little bit about some exciting ways to make your website look warm even in a wintry weather.

  1. Take advantage of some festive illustrations
    • Your visitors will be definitely pleased if they read some warm wishes on the homepage. In order to make them look even more exciting, adorn them using Christmas illustrations. Actually, there are lots of such topical pictures that can be easily changed in size and color.
  2. Make use of different celebrational graphics
    • You can also decorate your online-project by means of multiple graphic elements. There are lots of things associated with Christmas. Among them, you can find candies, candles, lollipops, lights, and many others. In such a way, you can be sure that they will give a website the coziest look ever.
  3. Select the relevant background
    • The background is also not the last thing you should pay your attention to. It allows adding lots of joy and happiness to your website just in a few clicks. Here works the same story as if with illustration and graphic elements. The Internet offers a bunch of various patterns between which you can choose.
  4. Give your social buttons a Christmas look
    • In addition to this, it will be amazing to click on social buttons that also got a Christmas make-ver. Thanks to this idea, you can get even more shares and likes from your readers.
  5. Choose the most attention-grabbing Christmas template
    • By the way, you can forget about gathering all of these things step by step. Just get your new WordPress themes that allows achieving the desired effect in a flash.

We know that it can a lot of time to find everything you need for a personal website WordPress themes by yourself. For this reason, you can find different templates, illustrations, graphic elements, and other relevant resources below.

01. Santa's Bag - Marvelous Christmas Landing Page WordPress Theme

Santa Claus definitely hurries up to bring lots of gifts to millions of families. Make sure to grab a present in the form of the landing page theme. It includes a bunch of the excellent options that you cannot miss.

Main Features:

  • a wide range of pre-made pages crafted to create a welcoming atmosphere on the website;
  • a marvelous Elementor Builder to build your content in a jiffy;
  • all images on the topic of holidays are included for free;
  • an amazing Cherry Search to allow finding the needed information in a matter of seconds.

02. Holy Gift - Wonderful Gift Store Joomla Template

Holy Gift is a minimal and jolly template that will assist people in choosing the best Christmas gifts for their friends and relatives. Make your online-store the most charming digital place together with this ready-made solution.

Main Features:

  • special color presets to make visitors feel like at home;
  • an easy-to-use contact form and newsletter subscription to make people entrust in your services;
  • a powerful mega-menu to guide users through your assortment of Christmas gifts;
  • modern fonts and sticky headers.

03. Bounty Store - Impressive Christmas Landing Page Template

Make sure that people will feel like they are sitting near a fireplace while visiting your website by means of this template. It possesses such a warm and pleasant design that no one will be able to pass by it.

Main Features:

  • a multilanguage support to make sure that people from all corners of the world can get familiar with your content;
  • various social options to spread the word about your online-project;
  • a few attention-grabbing animation effects to make people adore your website;
  • a fully-fledged audio and video integration.

04. Gift Store - Modern Christmas Landing Page Template

Without a doubt, this eye-catching template will lighten the mood of every single person. Wish everyone Merry Christmas using this festive and attractive ready-made solution.

Main Features:

  • a set of relevant Google Fonts to highlight the most crucial texts and make them readable;
  • an excellent Visual Editor to start impressing your potential readers in a flash;
  • multiple social options to share your celebratory content all over social networks;
  • different types of the gallery (slider, carousel, and grid).

05. Christmas Balls - Amazing Watercolor Illustrations

Christmas is already in the air which means you should think of grabbing some topical illustrations. Create your personal greeting cards, invitations, and other things using this wonderful set of illustrations.

Main Features:

  • a perfect resource to make greeting cards, quotes, and other creative things;
  • frames, borders, patterns, and isolated illustrations;
  • aquarelle elements can be used as backgrounds, patterns, textures, and so on and so forth;
  • fully-editable (sizes, colors, and other aspects can be changed).

06. Christmas Time - Bright PNG Watercolor Illustrations

A delightful collection of watercolor illustrations that will present a holiday winter season in the best possible light. Start creating your Christmas posters right now in order not to do it at the last minute before the celebration.

Main Features:

  • illustrations can be used for making backgrounds, textures, patterns, borders, and frames;
  • all of them highly-detailed;
  • elements are ready-to-print;
  • possibilities connected with their look are limitless (you can work with their colors, size, and its other options).

07. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays - Excellent Set of Illustrations Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Illustration

Add a little color and festive mood to any of your projects with the help of this unforgettable set of illustrations. For example, you can use them in mobile Shopify themes and give them an amazingly warm look. In general, you will get everything you need to congratulate people on the warmest (despite a snowy weather) holiday of the year.

Main Features:

  • six winter elements (like a tree, snowball, sock, and bear) that will immediately capture the attention of every person;
  • six handwritten texts;
  • four snowflakes;
  • all elements are re-sizeable and fully-editable.

08. Mega Snow and Winter - Perfect Christmas Bundle

Together with this incredible bundle, there will be no doubt that each of your designs will turn out to be smashing. Make use of its exclusive elements to feel the spirit of Christmas here and now.

Main Features:

  • brushes;
  • photos, overlays, and textures;
  • objects;
  • effects.

A Few Words in Conclusion

Save your precious time together with this set of marvelous web-design resources. Remember that Christmas is one of the best occasions to say pleasant words to your readers. It is one of the best opportunities to gladden them with a festive design and some amazing surprises. Hope that you will get the most splendid Christmas website ever. Thanks for reading!

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