An Exciting Theme to your complete Amazement with PrestaShop Store

An Exciting Theme to your complete Amazement with PrestaShop Store. Are you ready to meet a great novelty of eCommerce business? We’re delighted to tell you about Nextprest, being sure that its multifunctionality will take a leading position in eCommerce. Built with PrestaShop that is gaining popularity, Nextprest features multipurpose responsive design that corresponds to the modern advancements in the area of web-design and takes into account present-day functional advancements.

Being multipurpose and boasting of its unique design, Nextprest will be appropriate for any business sector. You can find astonishing themes for a variety of industries, such as furniture and decor, auto spares, clothes and fashion, and even extreme sports clothing. Additionally, building your website will be facilitated by ready-made templates that meet all the requirements of eCommerce, e.g. HomePage Layouts, Product and Category Pages in various styles, and Quick View. So, you can be sure that this theme will be suitable for different projects. It can be enlarged to more than 10 topics that are devoted to various subjects. In other words, when you purchase the template, you also get an incredible benefit of getting further updates for free.

Everything You Need

As for its functionality, Nextprest includes an immense diversity of features and useful modules. Let’s have a closer look at them.

First of all, Nexprest is built on JX Mega Layout module that makes this theme extremely adaptable for creating your own header and footer blocks, top columns and so on, to meet your requirements. If you need, you can easily adjust the homepage, adding custom blocks, various banners or text blocks in those positions that you find most appropriate.

Secondly, JX Mega Menu module will become your powerful tool for organizing your content into menus of different complexity, with the possibility to add custom blocks, banners, links, or icons. Moreover, due to intuitive and comprehensive product navigation this module will help you to increase your sales. In addition, JX One Click Order module will greatly facilitate purchasing products for your clients, as this fast shopping service will let them buy products instantly, thus saving their time. People can’t but appreciate the rapidity and simplicity of the service.


Speaking about time, people also value those page that have faster loading time. So, optimizing a website means taking into consideration the time of loading. This theme features Accelerated Mobile Page module that presents new possibilities for mobile devices. It makes your mobile pages load faster, at the same time promoting your customers’ attention while they’re navigating through the website and making their choice.

JX Blog

If you want to tell your clients more information about your store, providing details about various goods and services, as well as informing them about your novelties, then a blog is an extremely helpful tool for you. With JX Blog module built in every Nextprest theme, you’ll be able to not only to write different posts with information about your upcoming products, or collections of popular products, but also to provide your clients with advice and facts about related products. Thus, your clients will stay longer with you, and your page will get higher SEO rankings.

JX Security Pack

JX Security Pack module, which includes JX Security Panel, JX Security User and JX Security Watermark, will guarantee the safety of your website. This module helps to boost the level of your store’s protection considerably. You can choose from a number of security options, such as to restrict the possibility of publishing content, to edit the URL while trying to copy it, to insert a watermark on images, and so on.

The features that have been mentioned are just a few ones that this theme includes. Undoubtedly, you’ll find many other useful features that are suitable for your store, such as multi-currency and multilingual support, Google Maps, Wishlist and Compare functions, Newsletter Popup windows, and many more. There are more than 20 premium newest updates of the modules that will transform your webpage into an efficient and attractive online store.

What’s more, you’ll find detailed documentation that will help you with launching your website at every step of this process, as well as with maintaining it.

To sum up, Nextprest has become an innovative project and a superior theme for various kinds of businesses, supplied with amazing surprises.  To keep it up-to-date, new releases are already being developed.

Explore all the benefits of Nextprest, make up your mind and purchase the theme!

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