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15 Best WordPress Themes For Individual Businesses 2018

15 Best WordPress Themes For Individual Businesses 2018. What is business these days? It is not only a financial or bank-related entrepreneurship. Anything can be a business in the 21st century. Either it is your own projects, hobby, whatever, it can bring you not only a moral satisfaction but also a good profit. A lot of people already turned their hobby into a real money-making machine. Therefore, if you have ideas, new projects, or, simply, your beloved hobby, follow us to discover how easy it is to increase your profit. We would be happy to help you to select WordPress Themes for Individual Businesses.

First of all, whatever your project is, you have to give it an online life. It is very important to showcase it to the whole world. And the web space is the first place where clients search for this or that products, services, etc. Thus, it is the first place for commercial. In addition, there are such social media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Which allows you to tell the whole world about your own business. By means of a few clicks, you can become as famous as a real rock star. 🙂

In addition, it won’t take you much effort to create your own website. Web market is full of top-class ready-made website templates that allow you to build a site within a few days or even hours. Moreover, it is quite cheap comparing to the price tags of web developers. So, there is no need to have a huge budget to take your biz online.

In fact, there are a lot of Ecommerce templates that allow you to launch your own online store without any programming knowledge. These themes have a great functionality that will help you to stand out with your online shop. Thus, whatever products you offer to your clients, these Ecommerce templates will help you to enrich the target audience and your profit.

To say more, among all the content management systems we would like to highlight WordPress. The thing is that wordpress for business are really easy-to-use and come with the most user-friendly interface. Moreover, all the modern features are already included in the theme. So, you get a fully customizable solution with a rich functional range.

Now, it is the right time to check,

Top 15 WordPress Themes for Individual Businesses 2018

01. Cuisinette uropean Restaurant WordPress Theme

Cuisinette is a great WordPress theme to open or to spice up the restaurant of European food. The theme allows you to create a stylish website that will highlight your dishes, services, and restaurant in general. Therefore, if you are going to open your own restaurant, take advantage of this classy WordPress theme that will make your dreams come true.

02. Tarpus Financial Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Do you know some biz-related tips & tricks and would like to create a business advisor website? Well, take a closer look at Starpus - multipurpose WordPress theme that will meet your expectations. The theme is flexible, which will help you to customize it up to your needs. No doubts, you’ll get a huge target audience using this financial WordPress theme.

03. Smartbit Finance & Corporate WordPress Theme

Are you a pro in finance or investments companies? If so, we highly recommend you to check this corporate WordPress theme that will help you to spread a word about your stunning financial-related services. Believe it or not, but lots of people need financial consulting services. Therefore, thanks to this top-class WordPress themes for individual businesses, you can easily get the biggest piece of market.

04. Patisserie Cakery WordPress Theme

This theme is a perfect choice to promote your bakery and to capture more clients. Its design allows you to represent the best products, cakes, whatever, from the best possible side. To say more, a wide range of various widgets and plugins will help you to emphasize the uniqueness of your site. Furthermore, the theme is Ecwid ready, so, feel free to add an online store to enrich your profit!

05. Architus Construction Responsive WordPress Theme

If you handle an engineering business, it is necessary to showcase your projects and portfolio on the Internet. Well, there is nothing better than this stylish WordPress theme to promote your construction-related business. The theme comes with a marvelous and fully responsive design, a wide range of pre-made pages for all purposes. Believe it or not, but this theme is your cup of tea if you want to tell the whole world about your construction services.

06. Bitcrypt Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Multipurpose WordPress Theme

If you are in a cryptocurrency trend and you have a crypto-related business, then this multipurpose bitcoin WordPress theme is just for you. Whatever crypto-services you provide, this theme will help you to improve your biz in time. There are a unique design and great navigation, which will help clients to find a necessary info at a glance. No doubts, this multipurpose cryptocurrency WordPress theme is a great way to stand out with this type of business.

07. Flashing Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Photography is a popular and, at the same time, competitive niche that attracts more and more entrepreneurs. Thus, you have to use the best tools to highlight your projects and works. That’s why we would recommend you to take a closer look at this stylish WordPress theme that was created to emphasize your photographer portfolio. A unique design and a rich choice of features will help you to capture the target audience and to build you a successful career.

08. Maxbuild Construction Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Construction is a type of business that was, is, and will be at any times. Thus, if you carry this kind of biz, why not to spice it up with a high-quality WordPress theme. MaxBuild is an elegant theme that will help you to represent portfolio, the best projects, whatever, from the best side. Take advantage of this theme to stand out with your construction company.

09. Interior Design Company WordPress Theme

Interior design is a pretty profitable business that needs to be promoted. Thus, if you have an interior design company, check this clean WordPress theme that was designed for your purposes. Every part of the theme will help you to highlight your services, skills, and products in the best light.

10. EasyJet - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

EasyJet is a multipurpose WordPress theme that fits almost any type of business. Either you own a construction, real estate, or car repair services company, this theme will help you to improve it. The inside of the theme is fully editable, thus, feel free to manage it up to your purposes.

11. Jardinier Landscaping Services Fully Responsive WordPress Theme

Jardinier is a great WordPress theme to stand out with the landscaping services. Its green design will help you to emphasize your content, projects, and services in general. Moreover, the theme comes with tons of stunning features, which allows you to build a good-looking and high-quality site.

12. Craftbird Personal Blog For Handmade Art WordPress Theme

Do you have a handmade art hobby? Would you like to tell the web community about your skills and to find same-minded people? Then check this personal blog WordPress themes for individual businesses that will help you to create a stylish and catchy personal blog devoted to handmade gifts and decorations. To say more, it comes with an Ecwid ready inside, so, you are very welcome to add an online shop to your website.

13. Eagle Minimal WordPress Theme

Do you handle a creative agency, architecture company, photography studio, whatever? If so, take a look at Eagle - minimal WordPress theme that was built just for agencies. Its design and functionality allow you to create a marvelous site that will highlight your business.

14. Hive Creative Agency WordPress Theme

This theme is a great option to promote your creative agency at a glance. Here you can showcase the latest and the best projects in a stylish manner. Simply saying, everything crafted perfectly for your business to help you to improve your agency.

15. HousePress Publishing Company Fully Responsive WordPress Theme

If you handle a publishing company, then this modern and clean WordPress theme is your cup of tea. There is everything for your business, which allows you to capture the target audience and to build a successful business. Moreover, there is a social integration that will help customers to tell the whole web community about your publishing company.

As we can see, there are a lot of type of businesses that allow you to make a good money. To say more, even if you have a hobby, there is an opportunity to make a real biz out of it. The only thing you have to do is to let people know about your hobby, services, products, whatever. Therefore, it is the right time to choose the perfect business WordPress theme and to let this world know about your business! Hope you would like and share the list of Top 15 WordPress Themes For Individual Businesses. Good luck to you!


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